Animal art and pet portraits

Love your furry friend? Have a passion for panthers? Why not commission an oil portrait to celebrate the beauty of animals.  Commissions start at £165 including delivery to the UK and can be ready in as little as 4-6 weeks.

I love painting all sorts of fantastic beasts, so don’t be afraid to ask if I would paint your beloved tortoise, llama or flamingo. I also paint cats, dogs, horses and any of our other, more regular, companions!


What’s included?

Prices start at £165 for an oil portrait on a 9 x 12 inch linen board. This is a great size for single animal portraits and is easy for you to frame. Paintings are posted, unframed, to any UK address. Also included is a full consultation process to ensure the painting you receive is just what you want, plus updates of the work as it progresses. Photos of the finished artwork are emailed to you before the painting is posted.


What sort of photos do you accept?

The source material is the most important part of getting the portrait right. I can only do an accurate likeness of your pet if you have good photos of them. They should be of a good size and quality, in focus, and with the animal in a pose that you like. If you think the photo is a good representation of your pet, chances are it will make a good portrait.

How do I take a good photo?

Lighting is very important. Outside lighting is best so, if you can, get outside and snap away. There is nothing wrong with photos taken on phones etc. Don’t forget, animals like to move, so the better the light the more chance you have to get a good sharp shot. Try to be at eye level for the photo. It is far more appealing than photos looking down at the pet.

What happens if I don’t have any good photos and my pet has passed away?

Occasionally, people don’t have great photos to work from. This is particularly a problem if the pet has passed away. I can collaborate with you to produce a good likeness using reference photos that I will source with your own shots to get a painting you will be happy with.

I have professional photos of my pet, can I use those?

If you have had a professional photograph your pet, I am happy to work from those photos if you have their permission. Most photographers are happy to let you use photos for this purpose as it doesn’t impinge on their own work, but you should always ask.

I live abroad, will you take my commission?

Yes! Once I have your address details I will send you a quote for the additional postage costs.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Unfortunately, I cannot sell paintings of people’s pets to anyone else, so I do need to be paid in advance. In the unlikely event that you wished to cancel the commission, I can do so up to the time I have started to paint. After that time, I cannot offer refunds.

What if I am unhappy with the finished painting?

I consult with you at every stage of the process, so you should feel confident you know exactly what you are getting in advance. If you feel the painting isn’t a perfect likeness, we can discuss your concerns to see what needs adjusting to make you completely happy.

I need a painting for a birthday in two weeks, is that possible?

Oil paints take a while to dry so, even if I were able to sort the consultation and complete the painting in that time, I couldn’t send it to you without it damaging. A better option is to give recipients a voucher so they know what they are getting. That way they can also be part of the exciting process and feel involved in the choices. Your favourite photo may not be theirs!

What sort of frame do I need?

The linen boards are just a few mm thick, and will fit in most standard frames (glass can be removed as it is not needed for oil paintings). Better still, go to a frame shop and see what they suggest! They will have some ideas you may not have considered and will be able to show you lots of options. I don’t frame myself as it is a very personal choice and would significantly increase the cost of both the portrait and the postage.